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Wattec is a technical engineering and installation company that designs and installs water treatment and energy saving systems for governments and industry.
Our installations are always installed according to the highest quality standards and with respect for our clients and employees, current legislation and the environment.


Wattec wishes to create innovative, quality and sustainable solutions for tomorrow at the service of its clients, the environment and the community with the main objective of reducing its ecological footprint.


The company Wattec S.A. was founded in August 2007, through the merger of the companies Wadenex BVBA and N.V. De Wispelaere.
Both companies had been working together for many years in the preceding period building the knowledge and skills over many years of collaboration into one business.
N.V. De Wispelaere, then based in Heusden-Destelbergen, was founded in 1976.
Over the years, the company specialised in hydromechanics and thus entered the world of swimming pool technology.
It has built up strong expertise in this field, with many case studies to present.
Wadenex, founded in 1978 with a focus on plumbing and heating installation, supported the execution of the projects.


Frank Matthys, active in the industry for over 30 years (including more than 10 years as manager/Director of Veolia Water) took over the running of Wattec S.A in 2022.
Frank oversees the next stage in our development to ensure that our systems, designs, and solutions are future-proof and sustainable.
In addition to the mature pool technology division, we are developing the industrial division to further enhance our profile in water treatment projects. Sustainability is key with water reuse and energy saving a priority and we maintain a keen eye for using innovative techniques and low-energy and/or energy-saving solutions.
Existing and new customers can continue to rely on the flexibility of the local family business.


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